Giovenzana International B.V. is a leader in the design and manufacture of safety solutions.

icon_automation.png.webp AUTOMATION

The experience gained allows us to satisfy the most varied automation needs. We manufacture cam switches from 12 to 200A, switch disconnectors from 32 to 160A, auxiliary controls, limit switches, foot switches, and micro switches adopting innovative solutions, technologically advanced, with quality materials, ensuring remarkable reliability.

icon_lift.png.webp LIFT / ELEVATOR

Giovenzana has been providing innovative elevator electrical components for over 65 years. Today we are recognized as a world leader in control, interface, safety, and wiring products as a preferred supplier to every global elevator company. The growing portfolio includes car top inspection boxes, emergency stop stations, limit switches, innovative shaft lighting components.

icon_handling.png.webp HANDLING SYSTEM

Today Giovenzana is an established reality of the business of handling system solutions. The range includes single and double row pendant control stations up to 14 buttons for control and direct switching, position and rotary gear limit switches, slip rings, warning horns, energy transmission lines.

icon_atex.png.webp ATEX and IECEx

Giovenzana has obtained the important certifications for ATEX and IECEx company system for the potentially EXplosion ATmospheres. This new range includes components and equipment to use in hazardous areas: switch disconnectors, cam switches, enclosures, rotary gear limit switches, micro switches, and festoon systems.

Giovenzana International B.V. is a leader in the design and manufacture of safety solutions. Giovenzana International B.V. is a world-renowned, well-established, competent, and reliable brand. Our mission is safety paying attention to the needs of each individual customer and of the different markets. We supply quality products, exporting Italian excellence worldwide.

Our products are safe, reliable, and efficient, in full compliance with International Standards. The experience, the culture of innovation, and the vision strongly projected to the future have made us a point of reference guarantor of safety and quality for operators, companies, and end-users.

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